Final Thoughts!

I am forever changed by my Ugandan experience. Thank you CFHI for this amazing opportunity, and thank you KIHEFO for accepting me like family. This was truly a once in a lifetime adventure. CFHI provided me with an opportunity to be immersed in Ugandan culture. This is the way to experience global health! I was forced to put my own assumptions aside and learn to think about health from a … Continue reading Final Thoughts!

Rubira School

This was probably the most fun that I had during my month. The children at Rubira school will forever hold a special place in my heart. The overwhelming joy that I witnessed in the children was truly humbling. They welcomed me with open arms. I brought jump ropes and stickers for them, and they were so happy. I sat in on a math class and I … Continue reading Rubira School

Traditional Healer

I visited the Traditional Healer during my stay. You can’t fully understand health in Kabale without discussing the Traditional Healer’s role. I believe they quoted a percentage of about 90% of Ugandan natives have utilized the traditional healer at some point in their lifetime. The healer is sought for a multitude of ailments such as malnutrition, allergies, arthritis, GI issues, sexual dysfunction (hahaha). He has … Continue reading Traditional Healer

The HIV Burden

HIV has devastated so many African families. I came into the program knowing that understanding HIV and its impact on health in Uganda was going to be an important part of my experience. I just wasn’t prepared for the incredible people that I would meet who have in someone way been affected by the disease. I met HIV infected women, men, and children. I also … Continue reading The HIV Burden


During my time in Uganda I had the pleasure of experiencing a real African  Safari in Queen Elizabeth National park! It was an incredible experience. I got to sit on top of the van and see wildlife up close. I had so much fun! I also got to stand on both sides of the equator!   On the safari I saw elephants, a baboon, Ugandan kobs, … Continue reading Safari!

Unique approach to health in Uganda…

Healthcare is a very complex topic here in Uganda. Health is greatly affected by social factors here (i.e social determinants of health). Unfortunately most of the residents here live very far from clinics and do no seek care until things are in the worse stage. The health care system here is multilevel which the hope that at each stage patients will be managed effectively and … Continue reading Unique approach to health in Uganda…

I made it!!!

Sorry it has taken so long to write. I am learning early on to be very flexible. The electricity has been in and out and I have had no internet access until now since I arrived in Uganda. I so wanted to share some of my experiences in real time but that’s ok. I will make up for it with a few posts. First I must … Continue reading I made it!!!